Candy 101

The more gentlemanly you are, the more memorable experience you will have.

1. Ordering Your Candy

Know what you want in advance
Check the daily menu to see which candy is available. After you have narrowed down your choices, click on the phone number to text our Phone Operators with your preferred Candy and time. We accept bookings from 8AM to 10:30PM. Keep in mind that all communication is strictly for reserving an appointment, so please avoid any other discussions. Always be respectful and friendly towards our Phone Operators.

Earn your prebooking privilege
Gentlemen who visit on a regular basis have the privilege to prebook a day in advance to secure a preferred Candy and time. A minimum of 1 hour is required to prebook. Gentlemen who is looking to book multiple hours or longer will be able to prebook 2 days in advance. Once your appointment is set, you will receive an instruction when to reconfirm for your appointment.

2. Before Having Your Candy

Come fresh
You don’t have to get dressed up, but it’s best not to look sloppy. Take a shower and shave whenever possible while paying particular attention to the area down south. Consider eating something that doesn’t give your bad breath. Don’t get wasted on alcohol and drugs, after all you need to be sober to really enjoy yourself.

Be on time
Please commit to the time that is agreed upon. Cancellation within 2 hours of the appointment is undesirable. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive a detailed instruction. Be sure you read and fully understand the instructions. Plan ahead for traffic and time to find parking. If you are running late, please notify our Phone Operators. We would try our best to accommodate the lost time but be expected to finish at the same time.

3. Candy Time

Follow instructions
Text the Phone Operators once you are parked and ready to go. Once you are asked to proceed, you will received a long detailed instructions. Make sure you read and understand the instructions before you proceed.

Discreet at all times
Keep in mind you are visiting a sweet friend of yours and no need to act suspicious. Don’t draw attention to yourself during your arrival or departure. This means keep your phone in your pocket and never interact with anyone especially neighbors. It is wise to make sure you are not being followed nor should anyone see you enter the door.

Donation first
Don’t let the donation gets in the way. First thing first is to have the accurate donation ready and place it somewhere visible.

Respect goes a long way
Know the boundaries and understand β€œNo” really means β€œNo”. Spend time to get to know each other, and you will be delighted to build chemistry between your two. Speak your mind and let her know what you want because the guessing game is not fun. Sometimes we lose track of time when we have fun. Be aware not to overstay your welcome. Show your respect and you will be rewarded greatly.

Extra brownie points
Though gifts or tips are never expected or required, everyone loves them. You might never know what you can redeem with those extra brownie points.

Don’t be that guy!
Any ungentlemanly behavior will result in the discontinuation of our candy